Studygroup12/Study Group Magazine contributor and jet-setter Aidan Koch is on one of her periodic walkabouts away from Portland, but she’s sharing pieces of her travels in the form of observational drawings made at each of her stops. For just $20 postpaid, you can own a lovely pencil study sent from wherever Aidan happens to be resting her head.



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Welcome to, the mutant offspring of our print publication Study Group Magazine, itself a comics/criticism hybrid of comics’ greatest Missing Link from Parts Unknown, the StudyGroup12 anthologies.

Already being publishers of fine mini-comics and periodicals, Study Group Comic Books is delighted to present our new dual-channel webcomics and blog. We hope to become a part of your life, especially when you’re supposed to be working and need excitement and/or entertainment the most.

Because we love making the Gods laugh, we have made a plan: We’ll be uploading new comics every weekday at noon EST, with the occasional one-shot story mixed in by our wrecking crew:

MONDAY: Danger Country by Levon Jihanian
TUESDAY: The Mourning Star: Klive’s Story by Kazimir Strzepek
WEDNESDAY: The Yankee by Jason Leivian & Ian MacEwan
THURSDAY: The Lone Wolf by Jennifer Parks, and Titan by Francois Vigneault
FRIDAY: It Will All Hurt by Farel Dalrymple

Additionally, Michael Deforge will be contributing complete short stories every 6 weeks or so, Zack Soto’s Secret Voice starts on February 3rd, and there are to-be-announced contributions coming from Malachi Ward, Tom Neely, and more!

The site already has several short stories available for your reading pleasure, including Tom Neely’s thimble theatrical “Doppleganger” and Malachi Ward’s mindbending “Utu,” as well as SG Founding Father Zack Soto’s mystery “Day 34” and art-school confessional “Lost Art.”


Study Group Magazine co-editors Milo George and Zack Soto will provide a variety of daily content on the blog, from image-tumbling, to link-blogging to criticism, with occasional guest posts from our site cartoonists.

If this is too much free entertainment for you to handle, may we recommend sir or madam visit our Publications page to puruse our wares, and perhaps then essay over to the Shop to purchase copies of your own. Especially as this is not a “goddamn library.”



Milo,  Zack & the Study Group crew

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