2013 Indy or Indy-Friendly Comic Conventions

In an effort to map out the current convention landscape for Press Gang, Francois & I put together this list of cons to consider. I realized that it might be somewhat useful, since I couldn’t find anything similar online. The year is halfway over, so a bunch of this has already happened, & the exhibiting deadlines  on the other half are likely either passed or coming in close, but maybe you will get something out of this anyhow. Even if it’s only planning your next year’s exhibiting schedule (or “jeez, there’s a LOT of comic shows now!” ). If I missed your show, or an important show to your region, that’s more of a function of not being able to get EVERY new or regional show all on the list. I had to stop somewhere, but feel free to post your suggestions in the comments as needed.



2013 :

Angouleme (FR) 1/31-2/3

LA Zine Fest (Los Angeles) 2/17,

Emerald City (Seattle) 3/1-3,

STAPLE (Austin) 3/2-3

Chicago Zine Fest (Chicago) 3/8-3/9,

Wonder Con (Anaheim) 3/29-3/31,

FLUKE - (Athens GA) 4/6

MoCCA (New York) 4/6-4/7,

SPACE (Columbus, OH) 4/13-4/14,

Stumptown (Portland) 4/27-4/28,

TCAF (Toronto) 5/11-5/12,

MCAF (Maine) 5/19,

ICAF (rotating, in PDX this year) 5/23-26

VanCAF (Vancouver, BC) 5/25-5/26,

Wonder NW (PDX) 5/25-26

HeroesCon (Charlotte, NC) 6/7-9,

Olympia Comics Fest  (Oly WA) 6/8,

Grand Comics Fest (Brooklyn) 6/8-9

CAKE (Chicago) 6/15-6/16,

San Diego Comic Con (San Diego) 7/18-7/21,

Portland Zine Symposium (PDX) 8/10-11,

Autoptic - (Minneapolis) 8/18

The Projects (Portland) 8/22-25,

San Francisco Zine Fest (SF) 8/31-9/1,

SPX (Bethesda, MD) 9/14-9/15,

NY Art Book Fair - (PS1 Brooklyn) 9/20-22

Rose City Comic Con (Portland) 9/21-9/22,

MICE (Cambridge, MA) 9/28-29,

Handmade & Bound (nashville) 10/4-5,

Locust Moon Comics Fest (Philly) 10/5,

APE (San Francisco) 10/12-13,

New York Comic-Con (NYC) 10/10-10/13,

Short Run (Seattle) 11/30,

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival (RIP!?) ,


Expozine - Montreal December (?)

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