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There’s new books from every PRESS GANG publisher! 

We’ve got awesome guest friends BWANA SPOONS (saturday only, maybe), BRANDON GRAHAM, & FAREL DALRYMPLE!

Several of us are on various panels or workshops!



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I don’t have too much to say about this chapter — even with the narrator’s sad, resigned tone, this piece is a bit more fairy tale-ish than the others. There’s also a jagginess and willful ambiguity to the ending that stymies the opportunity to draw much of a moral from the story, which I appreciate — but I could look at these character drawings for hours. OK, I thought of something else while adding the jpegs; it’s noteworthy that our hero has no problem mowing down the undead and Aurum’s guards, but nearly comes undone by the idea of killing a monk. I don’t know enough about Quique Alcatena or Eduardo Mazzitelli to file a brief in critic court, but there’s a vague Catholic flavor to some of these pieces.

My translating skills aren’t so hot, but a few folks have asked me to try to give them some idea of what’s being said, so here goes:

Page One:

CAPTION: When I met Plumbum, I had already lost my left arm, my ideals and the will to fight for ideals of others. That is, they deserted me.

PLUMBUM: When you see it, Ferrum, only then will you understand!

CAPTION: I do not know why we became friends, we were so different. Plumbum, so noble and clumsy …. I was none of these things.

PLUMBUM: She has the color of the sun and its shine! When she looks at you with her golden eyes, it’s as if the rest of the world melts away!

CAPTION: So noble and clumsy and in love.

PLUMBUM: Aurum, I’m here!

Page Two:

CAPTION: There was no exaggeration. Only the sun (not even the sun) could compare to Aurum’s beauty.

TITLE: Golden Eyes

CAPTION: Her eyes, her incredible golden eyes, lingered on me. Plumbum growled at me.

PLUMBUM: Ferrum ….

CAPTION: Like the sun (more than the sun), they seemed unattainable.

AURUM: The man of my dreams must bring me …. the impossible triangle from the land of the dead ….

CAPTION: My good friend Plumbum. So noble. So clumsy. So in love.

Page Three:

CAPTION: So naively reckless.

PLUMBUM: Do not stop me, demons! No one will stop me! Nothing can stop me! Ah, there you are!

Page Four:

AURUM: The man of my dreams must be able to seize from the masked monks, their illuminated circular medallion …

MONK: What are are you looking for?

PLUMBUM: The medallion … I …

MONK: Know you, I will not give it nor anything else that has been deposited in our custody. You must kill us.

Page Five:

CAPTION: I can see Plumbum hesitate and then collapse.

PLUMBUM: Please … oh Rayos, forgive me … please, how I wish I did not to have to do this!

AURUM: The man of my dreams must be able … to collect a handful from the rivers of fire … and shape with his hands a perfect mirror that does not distort my beauty.

CAPTION: My good friend Plumbum, so foolish.

Page Six:

PLUMBUM: I’ve done everything you’ve asked, beautiful Aurum. What more could I do?

AURUM: I’m sorry … the man of my dreams should be made of the same stuff as me … your efforts have been futile.

PLUMBUM: You … you once told me of an alchemist, a magician who transformed everything into gold.

FERRUM: He was just a lunatic, and his experiments never ended well!

PLUMBUM: Take me or I’ll rip off your other arm. And then a leg … and then ….

FERRUM: I will. All right?

CAPTION: My friend sobs. He could kill me with his sobbing.

PLUMBUM: You know, my friend, you know that I would do anything for her eyes to look at me, only me.

Page Seven:

CAPTION: I pointed the way but did not travel with him. I did not want to be complicit in this tragedy. In return, I kept watch at Aurum’s balcony so that no other man approached her in his absence.

CAPTION: The next night, he returned. I knew it was him because I recognized his silhouette in the distance. And the intense golden brightness given off his body. The same glow that drew Aurum to her window, fleetingly.

AURUM: Get him out of here! I do not want to see it!

CAPTION: Never, never had any of the alchemist’s experiments turned out totally fine.

Page Eight:

CAPTION: Plumbum and I do not know how we became friends. [We are so different.] But friendship is irreversible.

FERRUM: Let’s go, Plumbum. Pick up the pace.

CAPTION: So, that night I helped break down the doors of the house, kill the guards, and go to her room.

FERRUM: Quick, Plumbum.

PLUMBUM: Wait a moment.

CAPTION: So, I did nothing while he, not without tenderness, explained to Aurum that she would be his, as he was.

PLUMBUM: Do you see it, my love? Do you understand? Now your eyes, our golden and beautiful eyes, only look at me. Forever.

CAPTION: So I’ll accompany his escape until the guards make us pay for so horrific a crime, someday. So, because he is my friend, I will join his folly. Forever.

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So in all the hustle and bustle trying to get Farel Dalrymple’s new book promoted and ready for Stumptown Comics Fest, we haven’t really talked about our other debut of the show:

Study Group Magazine #2!

Yes, it’s true. We finally got it together. It’s here, and it’s beautiful. Same format as #1 but in classic SG Pink & Blue this time.

Art & Comics Contributions From:
  • Jesse Balmer
  • Lilli Carre
  • Michael Deforge
  • Jeremy Onsmith
  • Lark Pien
  • Tim Root
  • Kris Mukai
  • Mickey Z
  • Zack Soto
  • Trevor Alixopulos
  • JT Dockery
  • Dan Zettwoch
  • Julia Gfrorer
  • Jonny Negron
  • David King
  • Aidan Koch
  • Chris Kuzma
  • Sam Alden

And Comics Journalism by:

  • Rob Clough on Josh Bayer
  • JT Dockery visits with John Byrne
  • Milo George interviews Angie Wang (who provides our cover)
  • Sean Witzke on Baker & Helfer’s JUSTICE INC.
  • Zack Soto interviews Maré Odomo 

64 oversized two-color pages, edited by Milo George & Zack Soto. Drops 4/27/13.

art above by David King & Mickey z

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