March, 2013 Monthly archive

It’s the first warm night in Portland, so I’m celebrating by working late at the office. For company, I set up some videos that would stimulate without negating my fighting chance at writing/editing words goodly, and I thought I’d share it before YouTube deletes the videos:

Turns out they’re all Katsuhiro Otomo-related cartoons. You got a problem with that?

The closest we may ever get to Otomo doing Indiana Jones. [Me gusta.]

Otomo’s first [only?] live-action movie.

And finally, a long, made-for-the-DVD-esque interview with the man himself.

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And … we’re back. Hi.

We left off at me bloviating about Metallum Terra, a delightful return to form for the amazing Enrique “Quique” Alcatena.

Aside from the striking character/world design we’ve been spoiled rotten expecting from Quique on his every project, what often stands out in Terra is its narrative poetry.

That’s not poetry in the traditional, rhyming-text sense, but in how these chapters play out as stories.

When it comes to modulating irony, American adventure comics have produced a pretty narrow historical spectrum, usually arriving as a fable/O Henry/Crime Does Not Pay presto-chango button for the ending.

My translation skills aren’t so hot but there doesn’t seem to be that sort of lesson-teaching moralism here, but we’re still firmly in the land of fable.

It’s a delicate balance to achieve, so it’s a pleasure to see even on less-than-mindblowing chapters like this one.

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