What A Busy Week!


WELL GOLLY, I seem to have last posted an update on Monday. And here it is, (just barely) still Friday!

In my defense, I’ve had a hellaciously busy week, trying to deal with the real jobby-jobs and bla bla bla, the stuff that almost pays the rent etc.

You don’t care about that, though. I sure as hell don’t! We’re all just here for THE COMICS, right?


Tuesday: Covert actions in The Mourning Star, and again we add a new creator to the roster: Morgan Jeske, who brings the first of his Disappearing Town series of short sci-fi stories to SG. There will be more Disappearing Town in the future!

Wednesday: Light trails and lost scarves on The Yankee, and a bit of a maritime pastoral scene over in Black Is The Color.

Thursday: The Lone Wolf loses her footing, while Titan serves up tension in the mess hall!

Friday: More psychedelic action narrative in It Will All Hurt, and if you’ve been missing Crime World, it’ll be back Aug 24th!

OK time for the weekend, there’s some surprises in store but if I told you about them now then they wouldn’t be surprises, would they?

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