Santoro Style (no lettuce, extra sauce, grilled onions)

Hey friends, I just wanted to point out that Frank Santoro’s next Comics Correspondence Course is about to kick off. Frank is of course a talented cartoonist in his own right but he’s also someone who thinks and talks about comics more/better than most people I know, a “true head” as we say.  He was in town for a few days this winter and not only was it a joy to riff on stuff we both love, surrounded by piles of old comics, but I felt like I actually learned stuff from him in looking at my own art and talking about it with him, not to mention at his workshop at Floating World. I have a couple friends who have taken the course and they can’t say enough good things about it. Anyhow, highest recommendation, and like he says he’ll work out payment plans and around your schedules:



SUMMER 2012 – Deadline for applications is May 30th

Application guidelines:

The new course begins June 4th. You can start late if need be. The course is a walk through my process of how to make a 16 page signature. Lots of fast drawing and composition. Lots of simple sequencing. We focus on timing. And color. And working in layers like a printmaker. If you are interested – please send me some work – small jpegs of things you have done. And tell me about yourself a little bit. There are ten spots open right now. I also need to see 3 figure drawings and 3 landscapes – all done on blank 3 x 5 inch index cards in direct pen – no pencil underdrawing. You should be able to do these 6 drawings in less than one hour. Draw fast and loose.

The course is 500 for eight weeks. I ask for a good faith payment once you start – half if possible. If not talk to me and we can work something out.

Basically it can be done on your own time – it is intense for the first four weeks and then you are more on your own. The idea is to use me during those eight weeks as an editor. After the eight weeks I will be less available – so if you don’t finish – that is okay – you can finish on your own time. It has worked well so far as a projected deadline. And if you blow it, so what? You do it when you can. But since so much of comics is about getting it done – I try and get you to work in a system that can get it done.

Check out a comic done for the course by one of my students here.

Email me – capneasyATgmailDOTcom

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