Weekend Roundup

Wow, what a week!


New comics every day from some of the most talented cartoonists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I think you’ll agree, everyone came out guns blazing. Let’s recap, shall we?

Monday was the opening shot across the bow, and brought us the sublimely colored, epic fantasy of Levon’s Danger Country. We also lead with short stories from myself, Tom and Malachi.

Tuesday was the long awaited return of Kaz’ Mourning Star, with 6 color pages of prologue to this new MS side story about the bandit Klive.

On Wednesday, The Yankee by Jason and Ian let people know that they might sometimes find some blowjobs and thoughtcrime lurking around the site here and there.

Thursday was a double barrel of comics, with the New Wave Sci Fi stylings of  Francois’ TITAN, and the dream logic and hazy wanderings of Jen’s The Lone Wolf .

We wrapped up the week on an apocalyptic note with Farel’s It Will All Hurt. If you have been waiting patiently for his magnum opus The Wrenchies, maybe this will tide you over.

What a week! Now it’s all over!

Oh, wait, no it’s not! Today we’ve got a new short story from one of the first people who signed on to be a part of Study Group, Simon Roy! Simon caught my eye as the artist behind the excellent Jan’s Atomic Heart. In the time it took the site to get going, Simon got the sweet gig drawing the all new PROPHET comic from Image, and got too busy to do a weekly serial, but he’s going to be posting short comics every month or so in the meantime. If you haven’t checked out PROPHET by Simon and King City’s Brandon Graham yet, get to your local comic shop and see if they happen to have a copy. If they don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised, as it’s already sold out from the distributor, meaning stores might have copies but they can’t get new ones! Crazy. Check out a preview here, and get excited for real-deal science fiction coming out from Image monthly. Oh yeah, our very own Farel Dalrymple will be drawing some issues down the road, so there’s even more synchronicity.


It’s safe to say, I’m not the only one – people are excited about the site. We were noted on news sites TCJ, Robot 6 & The Beat, as well as blog posts from Sean T. Collins, Panel Patter, and Fleen. We also got a lot of response from various message boards, Tumblr, and crazy tweet action from all our associates. Thank you, friends. There were seriously too many awesome people tweeting about the site this week to list everyone (though the tweets from Warren Ellis made our Google Analytics melt).

Speaking for everyone involved, we are humbled and gratified by your attention. Get ready for week two.

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