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Studygroup12 #4 (cover thumbnail)“What Zack has presented is a handsome edition that rides a balance between eyeball kicks while also slowing down the eye to include just as many artists more concerned, in this book anyway, with narrative in a more quiet fashion. Soto has taken the pulse of the contemporary comics scene of the North American continent from his perspective and summarized it between some lovely hand printed covers—of course, it’s not everything worth seeing amongst all the artists pumping that piano out there in the big wide world, but it’s a damn fine handy compass to find one’s direction toward what’s going down”

Snippet from an older review of SG12 #4, by J T Dockery.

Read the whole thing at: Transylvania Gentlemen: Comics Round Up # 2: Studygroup 12 #4

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Study Group Magazine 01 (cover thumbnail)“Study Group Magazine #1, ed. by Zack Soto and Milo George — A fresh start! This is an interesting book, because it almost makes you not want to get right into it – you’re held captive by Eleanor Davis‘ cover. Of course, when you finally crack the spine, you’re rewarded richly. Each artist takes to the two color printing like ducks. I’m happy to see more Aidan Koch work of this stripe – I love seeing what she does with color and paint. This mag gave me the opportunity to get into a few artists who I’ve heard about for a while but never checked out. For instance, this was my first introduction to David King‘s work, and I really dig the poetic quality of his piece. I also wasn’t expecting to be so into Trevor Alixopulos‘ work – I’m quite fond of his loose cartoony lines. The weirdness of Michael DeForge’s piece leaves you unprepared for how touching it is in the end. One of the things I like about DeForge is how he is able to totally own these iconic cartoon images (specifically newspaper funnies characters, in this case) and use them for transcendent ends. It’s cool that this thing is actually a magazine, with articles and everything, all while staying in the overall yellow-and-purple aesthetic. You can’t help but be enamored with Eleanor Davis after reading her sincere and self-effacing interview. I’ll admit, though, that I haven’t read all of the Craig Thompson piece, if for no other reason than it was making me stress out about the size of some of my own projects. This is a good one to snag, can’t wait for issue two. Can you subscribe?”

Second SG Mag Review! 

This one by Kevin Czap, from his BCGF Haul Reviews Part 1 «

lots more to read at the link!

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At the moment, there are a handfull of shops that have copies of Study Group Magazine #1 (last I heard)

East Coast:

DESERT ISLAND, Brooklyn NY (also have copies of GHOST ATTACK #4)


West Coast:






In the coming weeks, I will be sending out more copies to more stores, and stores can contact me directly or Tony Shenton, Wow Cool or Sparkplug Comic Books if you are interested in carrying the issue or any of my minis (though WC & SP don’t have copies yet, they will shortly).

Feel free to tell your local comics shop you want them to carry SG Mag!

And of course, you are welcome to order copies directly from MEEEE RIGHT HERE! Sending out a bunch of orders tomorrow, in fact!



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