Vulture Heck – by Patrick Keck

Be wary, the vulture still lurks.
by Patrick Keck w/ an illustration by Thomas Stemrich.
– NSFW –


  1. ant wrote:

    This art, this style of drawing, gives me a massive orgasm, I fucking love it. I haven’t even “read” the story yet, I’ve just been staring at the drawings for the last hour. Literally. Thank you, this is amazing.

  2. Patrick Keck wrote:

    Thanks so much, Ant! Do you have anything in print? Checked out your blog, great drawings there!

    • ant wrote:

      Hey thanks man that’s really nice of you to say! I just have my old mini from a couple of years ago…I’m a lazy bastard. Just checking out your blog, loving it, your sense of colour is great as well as your fantastic linework.

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