The Yankee – Part 1 – by Jason Leivian and Ian MacEwan

The Yankee is a dumb American. He’s Cosmo Vitelli. He’s Prince Rogers Nelson. He’s a Richard Pryor monologue.  Psychedel-economic fiction set in the Nation States of America, written by Jason Leivian and illustrated by Ian MacEwan.








  1. Sarah Velez wrote:

    so so so good

  2. Nick Sumida wrote:

    these inks are awesome!

    • Ian MacEwan wrote:

      Thanks, Nick! This was my “learn to ink with a brush” comic. I’d never used one before, but now I don’t want to use anything else.

  3. Polnareff wrote:

    I’m really loving this so far, the art and characters are amazing! I can hardly wait for the updates

  4. guyal wrote:

    Thought i’d check The Yankee out bc the moebius blog is such a fine public service. This is good stuff here. Lou Reed meets Transmetropolitan vibe so far. To me anyways. Really enjoying it.

    • Ian MacEwan wrote:

      Aww thanks! “Lou Reed meets Transmetropolitan” sounds pretty good to me. “Seijun Suzuki directs Purple Rain” was a way I described it to someone, so that doesn’t sound far off.

  5. mmmmmike wrote:

    Well done sirs! Have either of you read Burroughs’ “Cities of the Red Night”? I find it highly in keeping with the flavor of what you’re doing, and would be highly curious what either of you thought of it.

    Regardless. Can’t wait to see more!!!

    • Ian MacEwan wrote:

      Thanks! And yeah, I love the Red Night trilogy. They’re my favorite Burroughs, and I’ve read most of them. One of these days, I’ll finally read The Magus, mostly because Cities basically tells you to do so like, every ten pages, and I’ve been curious ever since.

      Thanks again!

      • ant wrote:

        You’re not missing anything really, dude.
        I also found this to be reminiscent of “Cities..” especially the “Fun City In Ba’ Daan” parts. Those camera angles in the first few pages are AMAZING! And it looks to me like Mr. Leivian is showing some Paul Pope influence in his character designs and (less so, but still there, I think) his inking…not that there’s ought wrong with that!
        All in all an intriguing, immersive and beautifully-crafted piece of comics…..thangyew!

        • Ian MacEwan wrote:

          Well, I’m the one who drew it, so thanks! Jason is the writer, which we should probably make more clear. Hadn’t given it much thought, but I guess we’re the only team on this site, so it’s not an issue for anybody else.

          • ant wrote:

            Yeah I just realised that, sorry!!! But, yeah, lovely drawing and inks!
            Many apologies, again!

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