The Worm Troll – by Sam Alden



















  1. a wrote:

    Wow, that was beautiful and very creative, well done.

  2. John Murray wrote:

    That was AMAZING! Wow.. wow.

  3. Peter wrote:

    Wow. Very beautiful. I like the format, too. What was the thinking behind it?

  4. Dan Tabata wrote:

    I really enjoyed this story. I’ve looked at it a few times, and each time I come away with a new discovery. For example, It was only just now that I realized that the Andy’s diner character was the creature who led the protagonist to the worm troll. :-)
    Any chance that you’ll produce an English-language print version of this? I would purchase the Italian version, but 15 euros to purchase a 5 euro book is quite a hit to the wallet. ;-)

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  6. Anthony wrote:

    Short yet very strong. This is the kind of fantasmagorical tales that really gets to me. Congratulation!

  7. Sam Alden wrote:

    Thanks Dan. There will be English-language versions available at TCAF, and I’ll probably mail them to a few comic stores in North America as well.

  8. Henrik Rehr wrote:

    Great stuff. Love your line. Love the circular layout.

  9. […] The Worm Troll by Sam Alden is told in a series of circular frames and is weird and wonderful. Via. […]

  10. Coco wrote:

    Could someone explain the last panel / page to me? I’m racking my brain, but what’s happening?

    • Louisiane wrote:

      In the last panel, Lara is looking out the window of the car at Andy’s, presumably a place where she and her father used to go frequently. From the last two panels we can guess that the entire quest she’d gone on was just an imaginary adventure in her head, with the Andy’s mascot inspiring the character that led her to the Worm Troll. Based on the formal black attire and the empty seats by the window of the restaurant, we can guess she’s on her way to a funeral, and that her dad is no longer in the picture.

  11. Louisiane wrote:

    And now for the compliment part! The ending, I never would have expected, and after I read it the first time I was left with a tiny “oh” and had to go back and read it again. Some of the tinier things (the way Lara cradles the effigy to her shoulder, especially) really left a mark on me, and I found myself scrambling to call my dad afterwards. It’s really sad and beautiful, and the use of circles for panels is something I’ve never really seen before. The whole thing has a kind of graceful flow to it, and it’s definitely one of my favourites. Really amazing work.

  12. micah wrote:

    this has broken my heart half a dozen times

  13. gab wrote:

    I am in tears. This comic moved me deeply. I will treasure this. Thank you.

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