The Smog Emperor vs. The TV Guy – by Zack Soto

Timmy West (aka THE SMOG EMPEROR) deals with a slightly unhinged movie buff who is visiting the school grounds. – NSFW –




  1. scales wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this! Wow… I am pretty sure I’ve seen this before, but I noticed more in it this time. Really incredible stuff that somehow draws me in and hits me deep.

  2. levon wrote:

    Classic Soto. love the SE.

  3. Patrick Keck wrote:


  4. awesome. this is no lie but today for some random reason i pulled my copy of project superior off the shelf which i hadn’t read since i got my contributor copy. then out of the entire book i happen to notice your story and read the whole excellent thing. then mere hours later you had posted it on here. we need to do an exorcism or something.

  5. BradyDale wrote:

    I think maybe I have seen Smog Emperor before, but I don’t think I have seen this comic. I’m not sure, but man is it good. “Make piece with your Gods!”
    Nice work.
    I love how becoming Smog Emperor and seeing the consequences of his actions freaks him out.

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