The Mourning Star: Klive – Part 1 – by Kazimir Strzepek

Addled by the disorder from the Heaven Star catastrophe, Klive forges forward toward survival in the dead world.


Mourning Star 01-01

Mourning Star 01-02

Mourning Star 01-03

Mourning Star 01-04

Mourning Star 01-06



  1. Colin wrote:

    Holy crap this is awesome!!

  2. Chris Duffy wrote:

    Aw, yah! Mourning Star!

  3. Nick Sumida wrote:

    I love these moody colors!

  4. Craig wrote:

    Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Johnny Panic wrote:

    Wow this is incredible!

  6. Max wrote:

    Such a cool world you’ve created.

  7. Casey wrote:

    Love Mourning Star! When’s book 3 coming out?

  8. Derk wrote:

    Awesome comic, love the colors! Quick question though Kaz; how do I get a hold of your comics?!? I looked you up and your publisher Bodega, but its some Japanese website now. So? How do I get to read more Mourning Star!?!?

  9. Brett wrote:

    The first new Mourning Star I’ve read in a long long while. I can’t wait for more! Kaz! I want to pay you for more!!!

  10. hell yeah, kaz. i love me some mourning star.

  11. Lucy B. wrote:

    Beautiful! Love the coloring technique for these. Your style reminds me a little of Kevin Cannon’s Far Arden ( Super nice work.

  12. ian densford wrote:

    awesome stuff Kazimir!!!

    Mourning Star 1 and 2 are truly great, so its amazing to see more of it!

    you can find more copies in various comic shops. i know Desert Island and Bergen St. Comics in Brooklyn have copies right now. and even Forbidden Planet too i think… get it in the mail ! totally worth it !!!

  13. gabe wrote:

    It’s April 4th… where’s my mourning star??

    • zacksoto wrote:

      Hey, that was actually my fault, sorry! Kaz sent it in and I forgot to plug it in. It’s up now: p23, one of the missing pages!

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  15. Max wrote:

    “…I felt the Tall Hats were corrupt to the brim…”


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