The Mourning Star: Klive – Part 2 – by Kazimir Strzepek

Addled by the disorder from the Heaven Star catastrophe, Klive forges forward toward survival in the dead world.



  1. Gabe wrote:

    I love the spiky mountains and tender, fluffy clouds.

  2. Mike wrote:


  3. Nick wrote:

    I love the character designs / fashions in Mourning Star.

  4. Snorre wrote:

    I love how you developed THW story beginning and the visual setting. Hope you do some panels more

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  7. Derrick wrote:

    What happened to updates?… And does Kaz have a website still? Skubotch went down

    • sgmaster_main wrote:

      Sorry, Kaz (and myself and a few of our other creators!) have been hit with S.A.D. – I mean, lots of holiday deadlines! Kaz will return before too long with new updates, we promise!

  8. Craig wrote:

    Any updates in the foreseeable future?
    keep up the great work.

  9. james wrote:

    Bought the books off of wowcool and they just came today. Fantastic all around. Worth every cent.

    Kaz, if you ever read this, it’d be brilliant if you re-released the books, colorized. I would not mind buying them a second time at all. And where can I find the Death Star story?

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