The Lone Wolf – Part 1 – by Jennifer Parks

The Lone wolf follows a clue that leads her into a mysterious underworld.

The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf 2 - 14The Lone Wolf 2 - 15The Lone Wolf 2 - 16The Lone Wolf 2 - 17The Lone Wolf 2 - 18The Lone Wolf 2 - 19The Lone Wolf 2 - 20The Lone Wolf 2 - 21The Lone Wolf 2 - 22
The Lone Wolf 2 - 23
The Lone Wolf 2 - 24
The Lone Wolf 2 - 25The Lone Wolf 2 - 26The Lone Wolf 2 - 27The Lone Wolf 2 - 28The Lone Wolf 2 - 29



  1. dTS wrote:

    this is so awesome

  2. Cradelikz wrote:

    Your art is beautiful and the initial insights of how deep this story is going to get both in art and psyche tension is making me await the next update really excited.

  3. Jessica wrote:

    This is fantastic! Great compositions, way to lead the eye. I’ll keep an eye on this…

  4. Jordann wrote:

    I love Lone Wolf. She’s my alter ego. Adventures await! I’m super excited about the weekly editions! XO

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  6. Is this really #2? It looks really beautiful! Am I missing the first one?

  7. Jessica wrote:

    This is so beautiful!

  8. levon j wrote:

    This story is so pretty and moody.

  9. Steve B wrote:

    While the actual rendering isn’t my thing the compositions and use of grid layouts are great. Nice work.

  10. Harrison wrote:

    Awesome work. You’ve got a great style.

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  13. Salgood Sam wrote:

    fantastic! :) <3

  14. Sam wrote:

    The gestural stuff in those last few pages is gorgeous.

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