The Secret Voice – Part 1 – by Zack Soto


The warrior-monk Dr. Galapagos races against time to stop a massive war, save himself, his world and everyone he holds dear.






  1. Andrew White wrote:

    I really like the way you’re playing with line and color here. Exciting stuff on a purely visual level.

    • zacksoto wrote:

      Thanks Andrew, and everyone else! I just wanted to add that the landscape oriented panels are shrunk down a bit, so you can/should click on them to get the full effect.

  2. HELLLO I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH i am excite dfor more

  3. Nick Sumida wrote:

    I love the energy of these drawings

  4. ftr1000 wrote:

    I like the work. recommending it to friends! good luck!

  5. dTS wrote:

    Zack, this is the shit.

  6. Tom Williams wrote:

    Yes, I needed this back in my life. Hooray!

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  8. elijah wrote:

    holy shit… smog emperor!

  9. farel wrote:

    these are looking great. i saw some of this before in black and white which looked swell but it is cool to see it in color.

  10. ant wrote:

    Great stuff…I love that the drawing transmits a real DELIGHT in mark-making. And Mr. Soto’s “mash-up” of different styles is really coming into it’s own in this series in particular. Beautiful vibrant colour scheme as well!

  11. These a fucking amazing. This might be my fave website in the history of the internets.

  12. Very very cool. Love the art and the story is very engaging. Been looking at a lot of stuff here at SGC, it’s all very impressive.

  13. Brian Marino wrote:

    Oh wow! I just found my copy of Secret VOice #1 published way back when and wondered what you were up to. So cool that you started doing this so recently. Synchronicity! Awesome stuff.

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