Study Group T-Shirt by Michael Deforge available again!

Click here to find out more!

If you missed out on the Deforge shirts the first time, here’s the last of that first printing for sale.


  1. Jared Wolf wrote:

    I can’t believe I missed this and the Signed Farel book. I needs them! Is there a email list for updates?

  2. Jared Wolf wrote:

    Just curious when I can get a shirt since I missed the pre-order. I really would love one a lot!

  3. David wrote:

    I second Jared’s ?. .. are the Deforge shirts available at this point?

  4. sgmaster_main wrote:

    Hey guys-
    Thanks for the question! I literally JUST received the shirts TODAY (2 hours ago) and I’m about to start packing up pre-orders to start shipping out this weekend. Once I am sure everyone who ordered a shirt got what they were supposed to get, I will make the rest available to the general public- So think middle of next week.
    Thanks again!

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