Study Group T-Shirt by Michael Deforge

OK. We’ve got one last bit of the first run of shirts left, weird numbers in weird combinations, but what you see below are what I’ve got left until we do another printing. My webstore software is goofy so I don’t think it will automatically list things as sold out, or adjust stock. So if you are ordering a color/size with extra low stock (say “1”) maybe list an alternate colorway you’d be ok with in your Paypal notes and/or be aware that your order might be cancelled if someone else got their order in before you. 



Printed in three colorways on Hanes Tagless Comfortsoft shirts by Study Group contributor Chris Cilla’s Sardine Can Press, this beautiful and eerie image is available in Deep Royal Blue w/ Silver ink, Charcoal Heather w/ Burgundy ink, or Cyan w/ Magenta ink (a la SG12#4).


Study Group Shirt by Michael Deforge
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale PriceStock
1Navy/Silver - S$18.000
2Navy/Silver - M$18.000
3Navy/Silver - L$18.000
4Navy/Silver - XL$18.000
5Navy/Silver - XXL$22.000
6Charcoal Heather/Burgundy - S$18.000
7Charcoal Heather/Burgundy - M$18.000
8Charcoal Heather/Burgundy - L$18.000
9Charcoal Heather/Burgundy - XL$18.000
10Charcoal Heather/Burgundy - XXL$22.000
11Cyan/Magenta - S$18.000
12Cyan/Magenta - M $18.000
13Cyan/Magenta - L$18.000
14Cyan/Magenta - XL$18.000
15Cyan/Magenta -XXL$22.000
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