Teratoid Heights



This is seriously one of the greatest comics ever published. It’s also hella out of print, but we got a hold of maybe the last little cache of them and are putting them up for sale for however long they last.

This is the book that a million tumblrs wish they could touch the hem of.

“Very few of the Brinkman stories in Teratoid Heights use dialogue in the above-mentioned way: as something that cuts against the grain of the “spectacle.” Very few of the pieces use dialogue at all, and though the book is well-populated with monsters, it’s more of a zoology than an adventure: stripped of language, the stories seem more basic, more primal — primordial, even. Through its pages, strange creatures propagate themselves, dance or spaz out, devour each other, fight, hold funeral rites. The style is rough but thoroughly confident: the ragged lines appear as an organic, almost inevitable outgrowth of the subject-matter. The panels sometimes fit into each other eccentrically, like puzzle pieces, or like cells crowding together to form tissue.” – Chris Lanier, from his review here.


176 pages