Mourning Star v.2



Kazmir Strzepek continues his Ignatz award-winning and Eisner nominated post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure. After the ultimate collapse of their civilization, the populaces of an alien world struggle for survival as two acquaintances embark on an adventure to rescue a missing loved one. An amnesiac buffoon wanders the desert. A boding evil spreads across the wasteland. Kaz deftly and effortlessly weaves multiple storylines into a concise, thrilling adventure with all the undertones of any great epic.

VOLUME TWO! WHERE IT ALL STARTED! The webcomic is a side story to the main threads running through these two books.

Here’s an interview w/Kaz about Mourning Star over at the Comics Reporter site. 


256 page graphic novel

5.5 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches