Mourning Star v.1




Combining the depth of the LORD OF THE RINGS and the showmanship of STAR WARS, Kazmir Strzepek’s first two episodes of his popular self-published epic adventure, as well as the never before released third chapter. After the ultimate collapse of their civilization, the populaces of an alien world struggle for survival as two acquaintances embark on an adventure to rescue a missing loved one. An amnesiac buffoon wanders the desert. A boding evil spreads across the wasteland. Kaz deftly and effortlessly weaves multiple storylines into a concise, thrilling adventure with all the undertones of any great epic.

VOLUME ONE! WHERE IT ALL STARTED! The webcomic is a side story to the main threads running through these two books.

Here’s an interview w/Kaz about Mourning Star over at the Comics Reporter site. 


220 page graphic novel

5.5 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches