Follow Me



In 2005, Jesse received the Xeric Grant to publish two issues of the Backwards Folding Mirror. His comic strips ran in the late-great Philadelphia Independent, and then for a year and 1/2 in the Philadelphia Weekly. During this time he began work on a thicker volume of material based on the Backwards Folding Mirror characters. The book was completed in 2008 and is titled, Follow Me. Currently, Jesse is working on an epic sci-fi series called Forming, which he posts on his website every Thursday. His work has also appeared in the Meathaus and Canicola anthologies.

“Moynihan unravels time, space, ego and the Other in a manner that manages to be direct in some aspects of its presentation (like when he undergoes various transformations) and oblique in others (like why it’s happening). Things simply happen, and the hero has a choice in how to deal with them–and his choice is to be as aggressive as possible when it comes to knowledge and as passive as possible when it comes to relationships. That willingness to engage with the abstract rather than face the complexities of honestly engaging other people is at the core of the hero’s journey, and it’s a conflict that is never resolved. For the reader, this record of that trip is one not to miss.” Rob Clough, High-Low

120 page graphic novel

9.5 x 7.4 x 0.5 inches