IWAH art by Farel Dalrymple


To make the first two chapters of It Will All Hurt, Farel first drew the panels extemporaneously in his sketchbook. Then he printed out the drawings onto watercolor paper and painted the color. So that’s what pages up to about p66 are, and the price reflects that.

After that, Farel switched it up to be original pen & watercolor art, as seen in IWAH chapters 3 & 4. Unlike the earlier pages, which are printouts of line art with watercoloring on top, these are fully rendered from start to finish on the page by Farel and the price reflects that.

*** HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER: Choose the page you’re interested in, if it’s page 62 or below, choose the “IWAH Colored Print Out” option below, if it’s 68 or above, choose the “IWAH Original Art Page” option. Then make sure to TELL US which page or pages you are ordering in the Paypal notes before you finish the order! It’s just that easy. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE***