Process Party Episode 67- Michel Fiffe!

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This episode: Michel Fiffe!

This episode we welcome COPRA mastermind Michel Fiffe! His self-published comic quickly caught the indy-comics world on fire, capturing the minds of the Wednesday Warriors who mainline superhero comics, as well as the artcomix wonks, panel flow fiends and mark-making fetishists from the “other” side of the tracks. Bergen Street Comics stepped in to produce the collections and get the word out past the limited reach of the issues, and the rest is history. Michel’s currently working in full on “COPRA Mode” on a 3 issue mini series for Rob Liefeld, detailing some lost history of one of his lesser known Extreme Studios creations, in BLOODSTRIKE: BRUTALISTS. We talk about that, the genesis of COPRA, his brief time writing for Marvel, some of his favorite creators, his working process, comics theory, and much much more in this lively chat. Plus: Mike & Zack debate what makes a ‘zine, and talk a little about ye olde internet harassment.  

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