Process Party – Episode 53.5 – Jim Rugg & Caitlin McGurk!


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This episode: Jim Rugg & Caitlin McGurk discussing Dan Clowes’ Death Ray!

It’s a special THROWBACK episode! Mike had a stomach bug that precluded us from recording this week, so we’re posting an old conversation between Mike, Jim Rugg & Caitlin McGurk discussing Dan Clowes’ Death Ray. It originally appeared on Mike’s old podcast TCJ Talkies. A new regular episode will be up later this week, but for now enjoy this discussion about teenage friendships in the work of Dan Clowes, his use of color and full-bleed layouts, and also a photo of him Mike once saw where he’s sitting at what looks like a giant novelty sized drawing board.

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EPISODE 03: Health, Fast Food & Dairy / Game Of Thrones Wrap Up/ Mary Wept Over The Feet of Jesus / The Toronto 3 / George Orwell / Internet Fights / Working Girl / Twin Peaks Season 3
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