Process Party – Episode 24 – Julia Gfrörer & Sean T. Collins!

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This episode: Julia Gfrörer & Sean T. Collins talk Mirror Mirror 2!

It’s our first return tour of the Party Floor!  Julia Gfrörer, author of Black Is The Color, Laid Waste, as well as multiple mini comics and contributor to anthologies like Kramer’s Ergot & Study Group Magazine was here wayyy back in Episode 5.  Sean T. Collins, media critic and author of multiple collaborations in comics form, including several with Julia herself, was on our star-studded Best of 2016 episode. They’re also both editing and contributing to the upcoming anthology Mirror Mirror 2, published by 2Dcloud – currently part of their Spring 2017 Kickstarter.

Jonny Negron & Laura Lannes, from Mirror Mirror 2


They joined us to talk about the new anthology of pornographic body horror (featuring the talents of Lala Albert, Clive Barker, Heather Benjamin, Apolo Cacho, Sean Christensen, Nicole Claveloux, Sean T. Collins, Al Columbia, Dame Darcy, Noel Freibert, Renee French, Meaghan Garvey, Julia Gfrörer, Simon Hanselmann, Aidan Koch, Laura Lannes, Céline Loup, Uno Moralez, Mou, Jonny Negron, Claude Paradin, Chloe Piene, Josh Simmons, Carol Swain & Trungles).

Carol Swain & Lala Albert, from Mirror Mirror 2

We cover the intersection of horror and pornography, editing for the first time, why they asked who they asked to be in the book, collaboration, aiming for the stars, children in peril, Kramer’s Ergot 8, respecting your readers, Goth music & capturing a mood via curation, and we dive deep into both Julia and Sean’s contributions to the book, as well as wax fannish over several of the contributors to Mirror Mirror 2.  It’s a really fun talk, and we think you’ll enjoy it!

Work by Clive Barker from Mirror Mirror 2

BUT FIRST: Mike and Zack talk comic book layouts! Do you lay out your comics before you draw them? Maybe you should! Maybe not! Mike hasn’t ever really gone in for it, and Zack has often found himself confounded by the magnitude of work layouts can be, since he tends to fully lay out his comics before putting ink to page. In many ways, it’s the real writing of the book from moment to moment, and we get deep into the process and theory of it. We go back and forth over the pros and cons of doing layouts, and Mike vows to do full layouts for his next major work!

PS: Mike has a new Patreon! Zack has an old one!

Layout pages from Zack’s comic The Secret Voice #3 (click to enlarge)


Episode 24 – Julia Gfrörer & Sean T. Collins! Julia & Sean join us to talk about Mirror Mirror 2, the upcoming horror/pornography anthology they’re editing for 2Dcloud. We cover the intersection of horror and sex, editing for the first time, collaboration, Goth music & capturing a mood via curation, and we dive deep into both Julia and Sean’s contributions to the book, as well as wax fannish over several of the contributors to Mirror Mirror 2. ALSO: Mike & Zack talk about comic book layouts and how and why you might do them when making comics. PLUS: Mike comes to a conclusion!


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  1. zacksoto wrote:

    Someone mentioned on FB that I had forgotten to post the Layout template I mentioned in the show, so good call and here you go!

  2. Will this book be orderable through Diamond?

  3. Stevie wrote:

    Is there a link to the ‘splainin’ hands tumblr? I can’t tell if that was a joke but it sounds interesting.
    Thanks! P.S. Rad ep A++

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