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This episode: Joe Decie!

This week we welcome “Our British Guest” Joe Decie! He’s the author of a bunch of mini comics, the Retrofit published Pocket Full of Coffee and his first proper “graphic novel”, Collecting Sticks from Jonathan Cape.  Joe will be a guest at this years TCAF, thanks to support from Lakes International Comic Art Festival and Jonathan Cape.

We talk procrastination, vacation, working long form after only working in short stories, light boxes, inking, “yobbos”, and Brexit. That old friend anxiety and his buddy  OCD make a special appearance, and we talk about the comics scene in the UK. A lovely chat indeed!

BUT FIRST! Zack checks in from the road. He’s just attended ECCC and has a bit to say about it. The big news is that he bought a page of Atari Force art and some old comics, but there’s some general-use information about the show too. Mike goes into detail about how he’s trying to indoctrinate the kids in his neighborhood with his filthy political views, and there’s a hiss in the air because Zack is sitting in an empty indoor pool room.


Episode 22 – Joe Decie! England’s own Joe Decie joins us on the party floor to chat about his forthcoming book from Jonathan
Cape, Collecting Sticks. We talk about why he made the switch from short-form to long-form work, family vacations, and Brexit. Joe fills
us in on how making the shift from a part-time to full-time artist has affected his ability to do DIY jobs around the house, and he confesses
he’d never go to a campout in his town for fear of a gang of yobbos coming around to kick the tent down. Plus: Zack reports From the
Road, on his way back from ECCC in Seattle, and lets us know how that all went down.

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