Process Party – Episode 19 – Rich Tommaso!

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This episode:  Rich Tommaso!

This week, we welcome Rich Tommaso – the author of  Dark Corridor, Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow, Pete and Miriam, Clover Honey, Horror Of Collier County, The Cavalier Mr. Thompson: A Sam Hill Novel, and his current series with Image Comics: She Wolf .

Rich has had a long and winding career path, and we dig deep into the whole thing – from the early days of Cannibal Porn with Eros Comics to She Wolf.

In that arc of his career, Rich has tried almost every publishing format, and we get into the difference between doing a monthly color comic and his previous graphic novels, mini comics, and one-shots. We cover the decision to end his first Image book Dark Corridor, and to begin anew with She Wolf, and the genesis of his next project Spy Seal.

BUT FIRST!  Mike & Zack talk about the Joe Kubert School, Will Eisner’s place in comics history, and the way “the canon” shifts over time.


Episode 19 – Rich Tommaso! – This week, we talk to Rich Tommaso about all things She Wolf! One of the coolest current Image Comics series, She Wolf is a hallucinatory take on the werewolf genre that has led to some of Rich’s most impressive visuals and elliptical narratives yet. Plus: Zack & Mike talk “the canon” in comics history, Will Eisner, & The Joe Kubert School.


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