Process Party – Episode 18 – Joey Alison Sayers!

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This episode: Joey Alison Sayers!

Please welcome Joey Alison Sayers to the party floor!  Author of Just So you Know #1 & #2,  Stupid Dreams: The Complete 5-Minute Comics Collection, and a 4 year run of the alternative weekly strip Thingpart. After a few years off to focus on her family, she returned to comics and has been posting like crazy over at The Nib & on her twitter. She’s also got a brand new webcomic launching TODAY on

We kick things off reminiscing about the good old days of the early-to-mid-aughts when we all met (separately) at APE.  The Bay Area scene of that time is discussed, as well as jam comics, convention tactics, collaboration strategies, 24 hour comics, & mom’s spaghetti.

From there, it’s on to Joey’s comics sabbatical and eventual return to comics, change of focus to more flexible distribution channels like twitter & webcomics. Plus: Who’s the bigger sucker, Mike & Joey for having multiple kids, or Zack for only having one? Joey’s path to Mad Magazine!  The horrible task of naming your comics! And much much more!


Mike & Zack answer a reader question, jibba jabba about careers, 5 Year Plans, the best  intentions vs reality, the seductive idea of “the prodigy,” and  putting spines on shelves.




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Episode 18: Joey Alison Sayers! –  The hilarious author of Just So You Know, Thingpart, and prolific contributor at The Nib joins us on the party floor! We talk parenting, twitter, Mad Magazine, webcomics, taking breaks when you’re not feeling it, dive into Joey’s career & her thoughts on humor comics. PLUS: Mike & Zack talk about 5 year plans, agents, & those infuriating prodigies!

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