Process Party – Episode 16 – Noah Van Sciver!


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This episode: Noah Van Sciver!

This week we welcome Noah Van Sciver to the party floor! Noah is the author of the graphic novels Disquiet , Fante Bukowski, Youth Is Wasted, The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln, and Saint Cole, as well as the continuing comic book series Blammo

We talk to Noah about his current work, being serialized daily on his Patreon. It’s a funny, engaging, and sometimes dark slice of life comic that switches from more or less present day Noah to his childhood growing up poor and Mormon in a large family.

We also discuss his most recent comic, BLAMMO #9 (named one of the best comics of 2016 by many critics including some on this very podcast). Our popular Formative Works segment makes it’s return, and Eightball #11 & 16 are in the spotlight this time. We talk about the golden age of “Alternative Comics” and how Noah is trying to keep the torch burning with Blammo. All in all we had a really fun time talking with Noah!


BUT FIRST: Mike & Zack talk about their early impressions of Noah, as well as the cost/reward ratio of being an obsessively workaholic cartoonist.

AND: Join Zack & Shanna for New Comics Roundup & get the scoop on The Goddamned Volume 1, Southern Bastards, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, & Dads Weekend.

HEYYY: We also linked the podcast up with an Amazon account to try and pay some podcasting bills.


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Episode 16 – Noah Van Sciver! This week, we welcome Noah Van Sciver to the party floor! We talk
Blammo #9, listed by many (including this podcast) as one of the best books of the year, post-project depression, Fantagraphics, coming up
hungry, Patreon, and what’s next for Noah. Formative Works Eightball #11 & 16 are discussed. Also, Mike & Zack alternate talking trash & rhapsodizing about Noah; and Shanna & Zack break out Dad’s Weekend, The Goddamned, Southern Bastards, & 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank on New Comics Roundup!


  1. […] Noah Van Sciver entrevistado no podcast Process Party. […]

  2. daniel wrote:

    Another great ep! When Noah mentions you having DeForge on the show, you (perhaps jokingly) mentioned taking suggestions. May I suggest a Sarah Horrocks interview?

    • Jules wrote:

      I agree, Sarah would be a cool guest. My suggestions are Michael Fiffe and Charles Forsmen

      • zacksoto wrote:

        Daniel- Did y’all check out the Best of 2016 episode? It’s not a full interview, but Sarah is on that, and we’d love to have her on as a full fledged interview some time.

        Jules- you’ll be pleased with one of our upcoming shows!

  3. Awesome interview! Noah is a great cartoonist.

  4. Noah, I live in a town with even less cartoonists… and I also long for that best friend drawer.

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