Process Party – Episode 14 – Toshio Maeda!


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This week: Is *totally* NSFW!

This week we’re talking about that old-school pornographic manga Urotsukidoji & have a recording from creator Toshio Maeda! Portland based Hentai publisher FAKKU recently released the first volume in print and digital format, and we were on hand at Maeda’s promotional talk here in Portland.

Right up top: the work we’re discussing is 100% NSFW and though the actual discussions are only pg-13 & we aren’t posting any illicit imagery here on the blog, please consider the reference link to Maeda-San’s books at FAKKU something you should click at home.


This episode also features our first full-blown PODCAST CROSSOVER! (Well, I guess the Best of 2016 episode had a little bit of that action, but let’s just ignore that fact for now)   We’re proud to welcome young Joe McCulloch of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell fame to the Party Floor! In addition to being one of our favorite comics critics Joe is a straight-up manga obsessive, so we asked Joe to come over and share his insights on Urotsukidoji’s context in manga history and Toshio Maeda’s oveur in general.

Needless to say, Joe BRINGS THE FUCKING NOISE. Thank you Joe.

Once the smoke from Joe’s visit clears, we turn to the art of field recording: Toshio Maeda in conversation with Tim Goodyear at Floating World Comics on Dec 8th 2016! People are shuffling around a bit at the beginning for a minute but it settles down shortly. Tim & Toshio had a lengthy & lively conversation that spanned his whole career. (Unfortunately for the purposes of this podcast, it was a little TOO lengthy & lively, so there was some editing for time & flow) 

Toshio talks about the difference between American & Japanese cartooning, his favorite romantic comedies, marital advice, storytelling innovations like tentacle porn and x-ray sex vision, apprentices, censorship and more. He was a really warm and affable fellow and it comes across in this recording.


BUT BEFORE ALL THAT EVEN GOES DOWN: Mike & Zack set the stage with a brief chat about their own impressions about the book. We talk about the art, dance around the problematic elements of this 30 year old porno comic we find ourselves examining, and Zack makes a sorta left-field comparison between Maeda & a popular american supercomics artist, who’s name inspires a bit of a digression.

All that, plus exciting PROGRESS REPORT action on our creative goals and resolutions that we laid out last episode! Find out about Zack’s jury duty experiences, new Patreon activity, and progress made on various comics projects. Mike talks about getting back to work post-holidays and having his work appropriated by the internet. Watch out, Pepe! Mike is on your tail!


HEYYY: We also linked the podcast up with an Amazon account to try and monetize things.


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Episode 14 – Toshio Maeda! – The boys are joined by guest critic Joe McCulloch! He brings the context to our larger discussion of the work of Urotsukidoji & Demon Beast Invasion creator Toshio Maeda. We also have a live recording of the trailblazing erotic mangaka’s talk with Tim Goodyear at Floating World Comics last month. It’s a funny, loopy chat we thought our listeners would enjoy. PLUS: Mike & Zack check in with a Progress Report on their 2017 creative goals!

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