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This episode: Is TOTALLY self-indulgent!

What started as the intro to a longer, serious interview episode spiraled out of control into a fun and rambling hour-long conversation, so you loyal listeners get not one but TWO episodes this week!  That’s right: It’s our very first BONUS EPISODE! We’re finally *sniff* a real live podcast. We’ll have an “actual” episode on Wednesday.

The Eternal Question

The Eternal Question

Well, if you’re on Facebook you’ve no doubt participated in or at least seen your whole feed filled with a certain meme in which one comes up with the “Top 10 Most (personally) Influential” albums of their teenaged years. We both participated in that to one level or another and there was a good time had by all. It wasn’t too long before the cartoonists decided to subvert said meme to their own nebbish quadrant, with both Becky Cloonan & Josh Bayer starting similar threads on their FB pages that spawned hundreds of comments in just a few hours. There were probably others, but those are the ones we saw. In any case, we thought it would make a fun conversation starter to do a chat based on this meme and before you knew it, the segment we naively penciled in at about 20 minutes before an interview with a talented cartoonist… Had boiled over into an hour long, incredibly nerdy discussion that mainly entailed talking about 80’s/Early 90’s Marvel & DC comics.


Subtext: We’re Old

Though as you will see, it’s not ALL Marvel/DC, and we talk a lot about our various turns from reading mostly “Big Two” books as they were known back then, to the world of alternative comics. This happened earlier for Zack, & later for Mike. We talk about this, as well as Mike’s obvious hard-on for the X-Men books and being an early adopter of the Vaporwave aesthetic as it applies to Batman. So without further ado,



1. X-Men #190-270 or so (Chris Claremont, John Romita JR, Marc Silvestri & Jim Lee)
2. Daredevil by Anne Nocenti & JRJR

3. Scout by Tim Truman & Various
4. Suicide Squad by Ostrander, Yale, McConnell & Various
5. TMNT # 24-26 by Rick Veitch

6. Dark Knight Returns & Batman Year One by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynne Varley, David Mazzuchelli & Richmond Lewis
7. Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo
8. Love & Rockets by Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez
9. Yummy Fur by Chester Brown
10. Hate by Peter Bagge
11. Eightball by Dan Clowes
12. Dirty Plotte by Julie Doucet

13. Pickle by Dylan Horrocks
14. Hup by Robert Crumb
15. Raw vol 2 by Various


Excalibur Special Edition 1987 & Excalibur issues 1-15 Claremont, Alan Davis & Paul Neary
Captain America by Mark Grunewald, Paul Neary & Keiron Dwyer
X-Men Giant Sized annual 9 + New Mutants Annual #1 by Claremont & Art Adamsamazing_spider-man_annual_vol_1_221supermen-jpgSpeedball series by Steve Ditko
Marvel Comics Presents 1-10 by Various
X-Men 251 by Claremont & Silvestribatman-digital-justice-neo-surfersBatman “Digital Justice by Pepe Moreno
John Byrne’s Namor + Fantastic Four
Batman Gotham by Gaslight by Brian Augustyn, Mike Mignola & P.Craig Russell
Superman Return of the Supermen by Dan Jurgens, Jon Bogdanove & Various
Milk + Cheese/Dork 1 (1993) by Evan Dorkin

Ok, that’s that! Hope you enjoyed this extra bit of fluff, & tune in on Weds for a brand new interview with Leela Corman!


“The Pinnacle of Comic Art” – Mike Dawson, age 14

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  • Episode 14.5 – Bonus Episode: Teenaged Memedream! –  The boys, spurred on by an internet meme, take a spontaneous trip down memory lane and talk about some of their most influential comics read while enduring their teenage years. Important questions like: Who shoplifted comics from the B.Dalton? Is The Death & Return/Reign of the Supermen better than Love & Rockets? And what’s better: Inferno or Acts of Vengeance? This episode explains a lot about your hosts, whether they like it or not!

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