Process Party – Episode 10 – Jason Lutes!


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This week’s guest: Jason Lutes!

This interview is actually: ONE FROM THE VAULTS! Mike interviewed Jason in 2011 for a previous podcast, but is presented here with a slightly different edit. Mike likes this chat a lot and no one really heard it the first time around, so here it is again!


Jason is of course the author of the long-running ongoing series Berlin, and the classic 90’s graphic novel Jar of Fools, and he provided art for The Fall, a very early entry in the now monolithic library of crime comics written by Ed Brubaker. He is also a role playing game fan, and has written several of his own.



Jason & Mike talk about RPGs, world-building, Providence RI, RISD, The Center For Cartoon Studies, map-making, his early work in comics, and of course Berlin, his 20+ year long serialized comics series.



Mike & Zack open the episode talking about our dopplegangers out there in the world, plans for future episodes, Mike’s Kevin Smith fandom, and the charms of classic old school “Android’s Dungeon” type comic shops.



New Comics roundup is here and Zack & Shanna talk about Omaha The Cat Dancer, The Complete Fletcher Hanks HC, After Land, Copra #28 & Copra VS #2, Planetes Omnibus vol 1, and Peplum. We are also treated to a short Scene Report from the Fantagraphics 40th Anniversary Party, which Shanna attended.

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Episode 10 – Jason Lutes!

Jason Lutes (Jar of Fools, Houdini: The Handcuff King (drawn by Nick Bertozzi), The Fall (written by Ed Brubaker), & his long-running Berlin) is here in ONE FROM THE VAULTS! Mike interviewed Jason in 2011 for a previous podcast, but is presented here with a slightly different edit. They discuss Berlin, CCS, his interest in gaming, particularly role-playing games, and the ways in which such things influence storytelling and world-building.  PLUS: Mike comes clean about his Kevin Smith fandom, and Zack and Shanna talk new (& very old) comics!

Theme music by Brandon White. Bandcamp/FB



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