Process Party – Episode 09 – Rina Ayuyang!


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This week’s guest: Rina Ayuyang!

Rina Ayuyang is an Ignatz-nominated cartoonist, author of the Sparkplug Comic Books release Whirlwind Wonderland as well as many web and mini comics, and publisher of Yam Books. She’s also co-host of one of our favorite comics podcasts, The Comics Claptrap. We are pleased to welcome her to the Party Floor!


We’ve all been convention and internet buddies for many years now, so the show gets off to a raucous start. We probably could have even held off on debuting our new “Breaking The Ice” segment until we had a more taciturn guest, but debut it we did! Rina talks about how materials, venue (ie webcomics vs print) and parenting affect her creative flow.


We get into the nitty gritty of how Rina approaches writing comics and composing  pages. Rina is working on an autobiographical graphic novel about movie musicals and we talk about that as well as the inherent musicality of her comics pages. Her path to publishing and current focus on her own comics are covered, as well as her love of sketchbooks both as a creator and reader.



No Shanna/New Comics Talk this week, but Zack teases a fanfiction project for January, and Mike announces his new webcomic Bobbie Brown!

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Episode 09 – Rina Ayuyang – 
Welcome cartoonist & Yam Books publisher Rina Ayuyang! We talk pens, musicals, sketchbooks, publishing and podcasting. A new segment called “Breaking The Ice” is debuted, Zack teases a fan-fiction project, and Mike has a brand new webcomic to announce!

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