Process Party – Episode 08 – Tom Kaczynski!


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This week’s guest: Tom Kaczynski!

This week we are joined by cartoonist and Uncivilized Books / ODOD Press publisher Tom Kaczynski! Tom initially distinguished himself as a unique voice in comics throughout the past 15 years, at first via his mini-comics releases and then for a larger audience in the MOME anthology.
We talk about that early work, which has largely been collected in the book Beta Testing The Apocalypse. Also covered at length is “Great Again,” Tom’s recent collaboration with Clara Jetsmark that appeared on the Nib, and his thoughts on the function and seductive powers of nostalgia.
Fittingly, we also talk a bit about Tom’s childhood favorite comics growing up in Poland, as well as what it was like to find American super hero comics, and then the even more impactful discovery of the strange & beautiful beast that is the comic book store.
The move to publishing full time under the Uncivilized Books banner is covered in depth, as well as his decision to launch an exciting new kid’s line: ODOD Books! ODOD is currently running an ambitious Kickstarter, and we talk about their initial slate of releases.
But First!
Mike & Zack are both kind of sick, and start the show shambling around like gothic groundskeepers (?)  recounting their tales of holiday excess, and otherwise touching base. Please excuse our sniffling & coughing while also admiring us for our drive to deliver you the high quality content you deserve!
And Then!
Shanna and Zack are also both sick! But they manage to discuss a few  recent releases. Shanna has only gotten one comic since coming back from Japan, but it’s the only one that matters: Lost Boys #2! Regular listeners can bet we manage to talk some more about Saxaphone Man and his brother, Kyle Saxaphone. Zack briefly name checks Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #2, Ether #1, & Kaijumax Season 2 #6, but the real meat of the segment is a spirited celebration of Joe Daly’s Highbone Theater, which both of our reporters enjoyed quite a bit.


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Episode 08 – Tom Kaczynski –  We’re talking to Uncivilized Books/ODOD publisher & talented cartoonist Tom Kaczynski. Topics include nostalgia, Polish comics, kickstarters, publishing and more. Plus: Everyone is sick! There are some sniffles. And: New comics chat with Shanna, including a discussion of Highbone Theater and the return of Saxaphone Man!

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