Process Party – Episode 05 – Julia Gfrörer!


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This week’s guest: Julia Gfrörer!

This week we welcome the reigning Gothic cartoonist and one of our favorite people, Julia Gfrörer. Julia has a excellent new book out called Laid Waste, and her first book Black Is The Color has recently been reprinted as well.


Mike and Zack start the episode off with a chat about publicity, criticism, tropes and subverting expectations (or not), thinking better of your initial plans, and revising your own serialized work as it is published. (Then) upcoming shows CAB & Short Run Seattle are briefly discussed, as well as hot yoga and birthday hangovers.


The in depth talk with Julia starts about 17 minutes in and ranges all over the place. We cover Laid Waste and her older work as well. Plagues, parenting, callousness, punching drunk jerks, becoming numb to atrocity, the role of the survivor in her work, moral relativism, & ethics are all touched upon.



We also see a return of the Foundational Works segment, and Julia gives close readings of 4 one page strips by Ivan Brunetti, Al Columbia Chris Ware & Tony Millionaire that deeply affected her and expanded her ideas of what comics could be. (You can read them all in more detail here)

All in all a really fun and illuminating chat, even if we get sorta dark at times!



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Episode 05 – Julia Gfrörer – Zack and Mike chat with Black is the Color and Laid Waste cartoonist, Julia Gfrorer in this wide-ranging episode. We discuss foundational works of Julia’s, including work by Ivan Brunetti, Al Columbia, Tony Millionaire, and Chris Ware.

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