Process Party – Episode 04 – Matt Furie!


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This week’s guest: Matt Furie!

In a bit of a departure, this Process Party we are running a panel recording from this year’s Linework NW illustration & comics fest featuring the incredible talent Matt Furie in conversation with Stay Wild mastermind Scrappers.


To begin, Mike & Zack bring a bit of context for both the current #savepepe movement & the panel itself, which was recorded in May 2016 before everything got truly weird for Matt & his ubiquitous stoner frog character turned meme Pepe. You can also read here or check out this Pepe-centric episode of Reply All that is mentioned in the show, and definitely his recent response comic published on The Nib (above right) if you haven’t yet.

Matt himself talks about Pepe right off the bat, though it was of course from the perspective of someone who hadn’t yet had his creation listed as a hate icon.


Once the Pepe segment is over Scrappers asks Matt a bunch of great questions and the two of them have a wide ranging conversation about creativity, parenting, day jobs, dealing with delinquent clients, and Aquaman.  We’re happy to be able to share this fun talk with the world!


Many thanks to Eric Klein of Derailer for the recording, and Hiveworks for sponsoring the panels in the first place.  Theme music by Brandon White. Bandcamp/FB


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Episode 04 – Mike & Zack introduce a special episode – Illustrator & cartoonist Matt Furie interviewed by Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, recorded at this year’s 2016 Linework NW festival in Portland, OR.
What follows is a great chat about Pepe the frog, creativity, parenting, and Aquaman. Shanna’s in Japan, so no Weekly comics segment (but FYI that Dark Horse Moebius collection finally came out and it’s pretty cool!) #savepepe!


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