Process Party – Episode 03 – Derf!



Study Group Comics has a podcast! Join hosts Zack Soto (Secret Voice, Power Button) & Mike Dawson (Rules For Dating My Daughter, Troop 142) as they discuss their own creative processes, comic art, family life, and a ton of other stuff.
Each episode finds a new guest from the world of comics joining Mike & Zack for an in depth conversation, and occasional guest segments from their pals around the world.


This week’s guest: Derf!

Derf  joins us to talk about his career – from his syndicated strip The City, which started in the heyday of the alternative weekly newspaper and ran for an incredible 24 years, to finding a new creative lease on life as a graphic novelist.


Derf gives an impromptu con report about his experience at the new convention CXC in Columbus, OH just a week earlier. We of course talk about his books Punk Rock & Trailer Parks,  the best-selling My Friend Dahmer, his most recent release Trashed, and the currently running webcomic The Baron of Prospect Avenue. Have no fear, we also asked him some questions about the Dahmer movie, just to be basic and annoy everyone.


At the top of the show, Mike & Zack discuss literary agents in the world of comics publishing. Are they necessary? Do they help? Should we get some? The discussion is just beginning, and we’ll likely come back to the topic in a future episode.

Then, Shanna Matuzak joins Zack to talk about recent comics releases Love & Rockets #1 by Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez ; Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye by Jonathan Rivera, Gerard Way, Michael Avon Oeming & Tom Scioli; and Ancestor by Matt Sheean & Malachi Ward.

What more could you want?!


  • Episode 03 – Derf – Derf  joins us to talk about his career from the heyday of the alternative weekly newspaper, to finding a new creative lease on life as a graphic novelist. Shanna Matuzak talks this week’s comics, and Mike & Zack discuss cartoonists and literary agents: threat or menace?

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