Preview – Vile #1 by Tyler Landry


This month’s Previews catalog features a brand new title we are super excited to be publishing: Vile #1 from Tyler Landry! This new ongoing quarterly series from the author of Clav City, Hermit Crab Real Estate, and Likeness will feature different stories in each issue; this first issue is a double-sized whopper featuring “The Coward’s Hole,” a complete 48-page graphic novella that is sure to knock you socks off!

Enjoy the following preview of Vile #1, and don’t forget to ask for it at your local comic shop this month! In stores May 2016.

Vile #1 by Tyler Landry
Item Code: MAR161028
In Shops: 5/11/2016
SRP: $7.95
The double-sized debut issue of this ongoing one-man anthology features the graphic novella “The Coward’s Hole”: In the wake of vast space battle, one soldier’s spacecraft crash lands on a barren planet light years from the Alliance, but is he truly alone? A terrifying tale of survival and madness!
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To be continued in Vile #1! In Previews now, Item Code: MAR161028



  1. Wes wrote:

    Is there going to be any more??
    Art was amazing, super cliff hanger at the end.
    Would love to see more like this.
    Beautiful stuff.

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