Preview: The Secret Voice by Zack Soto


This month’s Previews catalog features not one, not two, but three issues of Zack Soto’s heroic fantasy series The Secret Voice! In addition to the brand-new The Secret Voice #3, you’ll also find a new printing of #1 and a re-offering of #2! This is a great moment for readers to jump onto this awesome series.

Ask your local comic book shop to order today! Final orders due 2/26/2016!

The Secret Voice #3 NEW!
Item Code: FEB161066
In Shops: 4/27/2016
SRP: $8.00
Dr Galapagos & company deal with the aftermath of last issue’s physical and psychic warfare. We learn more about the mysterious Red College, parley with the royal monsters of the Greener Lands, are introduced to the beautiful spy Octavia M. Octavia, and finally meet the man everyone is out to stop: the warlord Wux Heng!
The Secret Voice #1 (New Printing)
Item Code: FEB161065
In Shops: 4/27/2016
SRP: $8.00
New edition of the sold-out first issue of Zack Soto’s epic. The warrior-monk Dr. Galapagos enters the Troll Kingdom to win their help against the forces of the Smog Emperor, but things go horribly wrong and a heated battle ensues. Kung fu, magic, and monsters. Back cover by Simon Roy (Prophet).
The Secret Voice #2 (Offered Again)
Item Code: MAR150866
SRP: $8.00
In the aftermath his disastrous mission into the underground troll kingdom, the mysterious warrior-monk Dr. Galapagos seeks out old friends and new allies as he races against time to stop the oncoming war. Meanwhile, Proctor-General Absalom leads a desperate battle against the Smog Emperor’s forces.

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