No Way Out For A Family of Five – by Sean T. Collins and Jonny Negron

A heedless mistake has horrific consequences. Written by Sean T. Collins and drawn by Jonny Negron.

– NSFW –


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  2. danielthing wrote:

    All I can say is wow… some of the finest work I’d say from both of you gents. Excellent!!

  3. Guido-Visión wrote:

    Sean, I love the slow burn of the story… for a second i wondered what was the point, and then it smacked me right in the face! Is this a dream? It certainly feels like one. great work!

    Jonny, you rock as usual. I’m always excited to see new work of yours. Do i detect a Yokotama influence in this one?

    Keep it up fellas, you make a great team!

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