Modern Love


Modern Love artwork by François Vigneault

This Valentine’s Day Study Group Comics is turning our collective gaze to love, lust, desire, relationships, heartbreak, sex, romance, and even candy hearts… In other words, that special thing we call MODERN LOVE! Please join us all week long for amazing comics and art from fantastic creators.

Today: We start off with Lovers’ Nebula by Anuj Shrestha (Genus), with a look a the complicated interplay of personal desire and social demands on a couple’s life in the far reaches of space!


Tomorrow: William Cardini (Skew)offers up Drumstick Pit, a silent meditation on gift giving that’s sure to be an inspiration for lovers everywhere. DSP-00

Thursday: Pony by Ramón Sierra (Fifties) is the story of a first date that walks the fine line between chaste and straight-up NSFW! Meanwhile, James Romberger treats us to a sweet look at young love in Nested Forms – 1984.



Friday: Five Times by Patrick Dean (A Weekend at the Atwood, Open the Bloodgates), beautifully chronicles the ups and downs of a relationship through nuanced and detailed storytelling. Rain Date is Ian Sundahl’s (Terri, 40x) tribute to the classic artist Jack Keller, a 60s romance comic redrawn and reinterpreted.



Saturday: Sweet Love by Connor Willumsen (Calgary)is a gorgeous tale of love and heartbreak, and we’re also delighted to present ToTully Aces by Ryan King and Letty Wilson, a heart-warming and charming exploration of asexuality!
Sweet Love Preview
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.15.42 PM

Sunday: We are proud to bring you a pair of delightful-y crass Valentines from Kate Lacour (Vivisectionary, The Disciple), just in time for sending to your special someone, along with a trio of sweet stories from Jess Smart Smiley:



We’ll also be featuring lovely pinups and art from Jennifer Parks and more! Plus, don’t miss all our regular offerings, including Svyatogor by Ezra Butt, Titan by François Vigneault, The Secret Voice by Zack Soto, Tyranny of the Muse by Eddie Wright & Dave Chisholm, and many more!

Thanks for joining us for Modern Love, and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you from everyone at Study Group Comics!

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