Mark Of The Bat – by Josh Simmons

“Best Batman comic ever.” -Ed Piskor  

In preparation for release of the new comic Twilight of the Bat by Josh Simmons & Pat Keck, we’re posting this blast from the past: Mark of the Bat, which debuted 10 years ago. 

In Mark of the Bat, a Bat-Hero invents a new method to fight crime.  In Twilight of the Bat, Bats and Joke Man wander through a post-apocalyptic G—– City.  Who is leaving them morning cupcakes??  Twilight of the Bat debuts this weekend at the Short Run comics fest 2017.

– Buy Mark of the Bat in print – Buy Twilight of the Bat from the artist or from the publisher – 


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  1. […] A few years back Black River creator Josh Simmons shared with the world a very well–received and unauthorized Batman comic, which you can read right now on the Study Group website. […]

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