IT WILL ALL HURT – Part 2 – by Farel Dalrymple

It Will All Hurt is a weird, sad, silly, and sketchy, fantasy adventure strip with magic and science-fiction and some fighting action.





  1. Jess wrote:

    This has quickly become one of my favorite web comics. Beyond amazing.

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  3. this is just stunning stuff. one of the best uses of webcomics i’ve seen. i adore the sketchiness and how “alive” the pictures feel, in the same way that RZA’s production on the early wu-tang records felt “alive” because of the crackles and “mistakes.” beautiful storytelling and colors, love the costuming, and farel — you draw great feet!

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  5. Salgood Sam wrote:

    I love this Farel! Been itching to loosen up much the same way for a change, inspiring to see.

  6. kandis wrote:

    Don’t stop!

  7. Benji Wang wrote:

    Hi Mr. Dalrymple,
    I just wanted to say that IWAH is inspiring me to want to keep panelling. I love comics, but there seems to be a leap between drawing static illustrations and creating narratives in time. There is a boldness to what you are doing in IWAH, and it is infective. Less controlled, you might say, but has what comics do best, which are ideas mixed with fun and awesomeness. I prayed for fun and awesome today, and I gots it! Thanks!

    Benji Wang

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  9. […] just stated issue #1 of it will all hurt, which contains parts one and two as well as some other iwah art, will be debuting in a few weeks at the stumptown comics fest […]

  10. Dan Tabata wrote:

    Hi, I really enjoy IWAH and look forward to each week’s online installment.
    I just receive the “print” version of IWAH (#1) and admit that I was a little disappointed with the print/presentation quality. It seemed like some portions of the art were scaled up beyond their original size, which caused some images to look noticeably blurry (to be honest, this created a distraction that made the printed book less enjoyable to read). I’m assuming that part of the difference in art quality was due to having to take a variety of original art sizes and make them fit within the golden-age comic book size/format. Anyway, I am glad to have a print version of IWAH to hold and read…if you do produce issue #2 I hope you’ll be able to achieve more consistency among the images. The artwork is fantastic and I think it deserves to look as great in print as it does when viewed online. :-)

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