Haunter – Part 1 – by Sam Alden

A hunter inadvertently wakes up something old and dangerous.

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  1. scales wrote:

    Fantastic – I love this!

  2. Levon wrote:

    holy moly…this is great.

  3. Joe Willy wrote:

    Beautiful art. I actually kind of prefer when the background lines drop out- panel 1 and 3 are just gorgeous- but it’s great all the same.

    I might sound like a jerk but sometimes the comics here start off with such a small amount that they don’t really hook me and make me need to come back and read the rest. Just a friendly and helpful comment- not trying to be Internet comment guy. I do love just about everything I’ve read here and nothing’s been downright bad which I can’t say for most comics at an actual comic book shop.

    • zacksoto wrote:

      Well dang, Joe that’s a bummer! We try to start off with a decent chunk of whatever we’re running (nothing has started with less than 4 pages of comics, and the average is probably more like 8, for example) for just that reason. Haunter started with a respectable 7 and Sam is going to be posting 2 a week, so hopefully it’ll keep your interest up. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Cristian H. wrote:

    This is awesome. Love the art, esp the white fills mixed in with the bright colors. You also did a great job of capturing the tension of the chase – I want that hog!

  5. Geoff wrote:

    beautiful work! Congratulations!

  6. Jennifer P. wrote:

    This is really beautiful! I love the colors!

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  8. dTS wrote:

    Man! That first shot of the house/temple thing! Man!! Those shots of the boar following!! Dude!!!

  9. Suzette wrote:

    This is a girl or an alien with some kind of, what is the medical term for boobs? Anyway. I have been staring at this comic closely for weeks and I am 100% sure this is a girl. HOORAY!

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  11. Sam Alden wrote:

    Thanks so much for the comments everyone. Suzette: you are onto something.

  12. scales wrote:

    This continues to be one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

  13. Suzette wrote:

    Oh so it’s a pandora’s box thing?

  14. […] “‘Haunter‘ is a silent, full-color adventure comic. It’s about a hunter pursuing a wild boar, and eventually being pursued by an ancient monster. Haunter is serialised on Study Group, a webcomic platform.” […]

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  16. Maria wrote:

    Gorgeous colouring and simple line. I am amazed! thank you for sharsing your art, Sam!

  17. Ayo wrote:

    This one is really hypnotic and… “HAUNTING.” That turn around from the angular creature is spectacular.

  18. Jean Cape wrote:

    i love everything about this.

  19. Erin wrote:

    This has such great tension and action! It gets the heart racing.

  20. kenny wrote:

    Yipes! My heart was racing! Terrific narrative and loved the role reversal. Will make it a point to return for updates. Love the colors and the artwork-was drawn right in. Great stuff!

  21. Kye wrote:

    Wow! Just great!

  22. Warren wrote:

    I love the initial meeting of the monster, the decision to show her pointing the bow at the reader was super cool. Her expressions really sell her (cave temple monster), totally alien. Great work!

  23. Jello wrote:

    Wow! Just… wow!

  24. Tyler Landry wrote:

    This is a beautifully illustrated, EXCITING adventure. Wonderful stuff :)

  25. Wood wrote:

    Wait… what arrow is he using ?

  26. Sam wrote:

    Okay, that is a great question. Earlier in the series I thought the arrows were kept underneath the protagonist’s shirt, but I never figured out a way to make that work. I’ll have to add a quiver or something in a later revision.

  27. scales wrote:

    I get anxious reading this. Great, intense stuff!

  28. Clav wrote:

    Sam, as always, fantastic stuff. Your world is so lush, so ornate, so decorative.. but in no way contrived. This story is a heart-pounder for sure :)

  29. bill kenny wrote:

    Just stopped back for the first time in quite some time and amazing! My heart was pounding as the tale is tautly told and brilliantly drawn. I’d so enjoyed the first installment and catching up was a joy. The colors, the artisitic execution all in service of a gripping narrative make this simply superlative. Thank you for the gift of your creation.

  30. Best one here, so far. Will there ever be more?!

  31. james wrote:

    Fricken love this. Never really been put in a state of suspense from a comic before.

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  33. Sasha wrote:

    Is it falling? Is it? Did she kill it already? .__.
    I’m worried about this girl.

  34. M wrote:

    Holy shit

  35. Kevin T wrote:

    Jesus Christ

  36. John wrote:

    Huge fan.

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  38. Simon wrote:

    Brilliant, thank you so much for this wonderful comic.

  39. Dan Tabata wrote:

    So glad to have found this! I’d originally followed a reddit link someone has posted to “The Worm Troll” (love that story, too, BTW).

    I think the lack of an arrow quiver works fine, since the blue sentinel doesn’t use a quiver either. It looks like the blue arrows kept appearing up until the protagonist took possession of the broken arrowhead.

    Anyway, really enjoying the story. I hope you’ll be able to collect it into a “dead-tree” version, once the story concludes. ;-)

  40. J tard wrote:

    apocalyptic splendor. this is totally metamorphic

  41. Alex wrote:

    Incredible comic. I rarely catch myself holding my breath when reading comics. Fantastic pacing. And I love your art. Can’t wait for more. :)

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  43. Vorpalizer wrote:

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