Halloween Haunting 3


Halloween Haunting 3 art by Zack Soto

It’s baaaack! Halloween Haunting 3 launches TODAY!

It’s that spooky spooky time of year again! Time to get excited about ghosts and goblins, gruesome ghouls, and so forth. We’ve got an amazing set of scary and/or silly tales coming at you:

Today: Don’t Look Back!, an amazing new comic from Rich Tomasso (Dark Corridor) full of vampires, spooks, demons, and more! What are you waiting for, go read it! We’ll wait…



Tomorrow: Ah you’re back! Well I hope you’re ready to get scared, because Jason JFish Fischer’s (Seconds Helping) new N I G H T M A R E drops tomorrow and it is a roller-coaster ride of horror and dread. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya! And don’t forget to pick up a copy of JFish’s comic at this weekend’s Short Run festival in Seattle!


Friday: A Weekend at the Atwood is Patrick Dean‘s (Cold Crew) hilarious and eerie tale of a ghost convention! The perfect way to get prepared for your own spooky holiday weekend!


Halloween! We’ll wrap up our Haunting with a bevvy of spooky pin-ups (by Ed Luce, Jesse Tise, Zack Soto, and more), Factory by Will Cardini, and some fun surprises too! Happy haunting!



Wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to check back in next Tuesday for the start of Svyatogor, a brand new serial from Ezra Butt (Crawdads Welcome)!


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