Double + by Ben Sears


D+ header smallD+ 1.01

D+ 1.02

D+ 1.03

D+ 1.04

d+ 001.05

d+ 001.06

d+ 001.07
d+ 001.08

d+ 001.09

d+ 001.10
d+ 001.11s

d+ 001.12s

d+ 001.13s

d+ 001.14s
d+ 001.15

d+ 001.16
D+ 001.17-18 small

d+ 001.19
D+ 001.20

D+ 001.21

D+ 001.22

D+ 001.23
d+ 001.24

d+ 001.25

D+ 001.26

D+ 001.27

D+ 001.27b

D+ 001.28

D+ 001.29

D+ 001.30

D+ 001.31



  1. […] Ben Sears has released the first few pages of chapter one of his new ongoing webcomic, Double+, via Study Group Comic Books. The comic will update every […]

  2. Kristopher wrote:

    Very excited about Double+ after only one issue! Perfectly amazing.

  3. Julia wrote:

    I’m really impressed with this. We all know Ben Sears is a fantastic illustrator, but it looks like he’s a pretty good writer, too. Very excited to read the next update!

  4. Bill wrote:

    Tintin & Snowy the Robot! (tres cool)

  5. Out of all the comics featured here, this one caught my eye, and now it has my undivided addition. Is there anyway I could receive e-mail notices for upcoming issues?

  6. Eamon wrote:

    Fantastic! Reads like if Toriyama did Indiana Jones! Can’t wait to read more.

  7. Steven wrote:

    Brilliant. I sincerely hope to see more and more of these two.

  8. Rafael wrote:

    Simply amazing! Love the visual.

  9. […] FQ: Your character in Double+ is vaguely reminiscent of Tintin and Indiana Jones. How did you come up with the idea for this […]

  10. […] always a fan of anything Ben Sears does, especially his ongoing series D+ that’s updated every Saturday on Study Group. It’s like a sci-fi adventure time, which is a […]

  11. […] he’s in an ongoing comic I’m doing called Doubleplus. It’s serialized over at Study Group Comics, and a print version will be out this summer. If I could confidently say that anything in my life […]

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