Doppleganger – by Tom Neely

Tom Neely’s homage to our favorite one-eyed sailor puts him through an existential crisis full of psychedelic pummeling and paranoid pathos!



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  2. dTS wrote:

    I don’t have a copy of this as a book, but i think it’s interesting how well it reads scrolling-down on the web. I really like how you presented this one, a perfect fit for the site! cheers.

  3. Sarah Velez wrote:

    WOW This was amazing!

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  5. Unfuckingbelievable. Wow, Tom.

  6. For lack of terribly descriptive compliments at 5:30 in the morning, this is fantastic stuff.

  7. Kib Lloyd wrote:

    Yep; still works. Actually, gets better on repeated.
    Definitely one of my fave comics of this year.
    A weird classic.

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