Disappearing Town – Hidden Track – by Morgan Jeske

Los Angeles 2019. New York 1997. Paleo-Future city. Last outpost. The Giraud Family. Stories from The Disappearing Town.
Letters by Ed Brisson.


  1. Harrison wrote:

    I love this! I really dig your perspectives, and your line work/grey tones are really engaging. Nice stuff, man!

  2. […] has had two comics up on the Studygroup website as part of his ongoing  Disappearing Town project (part 1 is here and 2 here), and is illustrating the upcoming Image series Change with colors by Sloane Leong. […]

  3. Great stuff man! Also a fan of i can def see your influences in your work and its definitely got your own flavor to it. I’ll be looking for more.

  4. Adam wrote:

    Awesome! Found this after reading Change, which I loved. I initially picked issue #1 up because the art style was so cool and unique. Hope to see more of your work soon.

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