Danger Country – Chapter 1 – by Levon Jihanian

When his village is massacred by elves, Evan is plunged into a series of deadly quests.



Danger Country 01p00Danger Country 01Danger Country 02





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  2. Wow these feel totally different from the black and white version!

  3. t alixopulos wrote:

    Great colors in this!

  4. yeah, i effing love this omic

  5. tomN. wrote:

    levon is proving to be an amazing, totally original colorist on top of the fact that he’s already a great cartoonist.

  6. katilacker wrote:

    your colors are amazing!

  7. levonjihanian wrote:

    Thanks guys

  8. Lynn wrote:

    This is so amazing. Can’t wait to see more.

  9. love the evil elves pointy hats, interesting turn of events

  10. Chris Newman wrote:

    The evil elves remind me of the elves described in old european tales. Believed now to have been seen due to psychedelics

  11. michelle wrote:

    the best!!!

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  13. Melanie wrote:

    You are amazing Levon! love reading it!

  14. Joshua Perez wrote:

    Really cool stuff!

  15. Gina-Marie G wrote:

    This whole story captured me quick and kept me piecing the fantastical word together. Delightful to the eyes, please do not cease.

  16. ant wrote:

    This is brilliant! Really sucked me in, great work Levon!

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  18. IndieBAM wrote:

    […] County, nominated for the Ignatz award and available to read for free online, follows a boy named Evan on a quest to find his father after his village has been destroyed […]

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